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Silly Swordsman

Regarding that quote...

ciciaye listed some quotes from the Con, including this one:
"The Queen tapped me on the shoulder with the sword...and she said...'When's the next Rincewind book coming out?'"
- Terry Pratchett on his Knighthood

When I heard him said that, I nearly choked with laughter, since I'd called that already, three years ago, when I wrote this little drabble as a non-entry for Sandi Toksvig's Writing Challenge at the Wimbledon Bookfest, where you were supposed to write a story of one thousand words or less, containing the phrase "Terence had been confident of his hat selection."

A hatful of why

Terence had been confident of his hat selection. Buckingham Palace required something more formal, more traditional than his usual Lousiana. Like a dove-gray top hat. That, the tails, the waistcoat, and his almost white beard - all together, he looked quite the literary author, he thought.

As he received his OBE from the hand of the Queen herself, he felt he'd finally been acknowledged as a proper author.

Until Her Majesty leaned forward and spoke to him.

"We read your latest book, but we must say we missed that funny wizard you used to write about. He was always our favourite."
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